Economic life in Bulgaria is entering a new era. The merit is on a new magazine that is "the voice of small and medium business" in Bulgaria.

"Business Club" is a print and online publication in support of small and medium business, a joint project of DMD Consult and Digital Marketing Group. The publication contains useful information aimed at owners and managers of Bulgarian companies with up to 250 employees. The themes are developed with the idea to help SMEs to improve performance of business and to present new products and services, to carry out business contacts at home and abroad and to be active. "Business Club" will be provocative. This is a magazine that you can not let out impartially and will be a magazine that is not discarded because the information contained therein is actual in years New economic edition brings our genetic inheritance from our desire to be informed, and the desire to know the real side of the business. We'll show you how to manage your own judgments.

The journal is unique in Bulgaria, issued twelve times a year and each issue is devoted to a special topic. The editors of "Business Club" write about history, politics and culture, present facts, events and personalities associated with the different periods of economic life in Bulgaria all about man and society, all in the interest of business in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria there is a deficit of economic information and "Business Club" is a magazine that could fill it, because it is addressed to a wide circle of readers for whom business begins with knowledge.

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